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Orlando Arcia Cements His Legacy As A Clown By Ending His Season With A Back-And-Forth Yelling Match With Philly Fans

The Philadelphia Phillies spanked the balls off of the Braves and sent them back to Atlanta with their tails tucked between their legs for the second year in a row in the NLDS. It was an incredible team effort which showed just how much this year’s team has improved from last year. So I don’t want to spend too much time talking about those dumb sacks of shit from Atlanta. 

But…I mean…I’d be remiss if we couldn’t place one last massive amount of blame on Orlando Arcia for losing this series. There are plenty of dudes who dropped the ball on Atlanta, but nobody actively contributed to their demise quite like Arcia. He woke up the beast in Bryce Harper. He woke up the beast in Nick Castellanos. And then with the season on the line—quite literally their final game of the season—Orlando Arcia was more concerned with yelling back-and-forth with Philly fans from the dugout than the actual game itself. 

What an idiot. And to top it all off, Orlando Arcia only made it to first base once tonight on a walk. And as soon as he got to first, Atlanta put a pinch runner in for him. That coward was literally too terrified of Bryce Harper to even stand on base next to him. 

Thanks for coming out, Orlando. Thanks for coming out, Atlanta. Time to move on to bigger things.