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Bold Strategy: For Seemingly No Reason At All, D.K. Metcalf Decided To Do Some Shit Talking And Fire Ja'Marr Chase Up Before This Week's Game

Why D.K.? Ja'Marr Chase is coming off a massive game, a game he decided to plan his tweet in the middle of it all. 

This is a man who a couple weeks ago declared he's always fucking open. Metcalf is a WR1. Sure, he's not at the same level as Chase, but Metcalf is damn good. He knows you don't poke a wide receiver, especially one like Chase. It never works out unless you're a defensive back like Revis and decide to do such a thing. 

Now Metcalf is putting all the pressure on a rookie. Granted, Devon Witherspoon is fucking awesome and can disrupt a game, that man has to take all of the pressure Metcalf just put out there. Oh and if you thought Chase wouldn't notice he did the most wide receiver move possible and RT'd the thing

I'm all for shit talking, but it's gotta be calculated. You can't say someone else is going to shut down Chase, especially when you can't even help out if Witherspoon is getting burnt. The last thing you want to do is give Ja'Marr Chase the opportunity to be the one who goes off against you. I mean, hell, promise to shut down Tyler Boyd. Joe Mixon? Good luck running for 80 yards, pal. Make noise, but play it safe. All I know is Joe Burrow will attempt to rip out Metcalf's soul on the first possession after this.