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Woman Eats 48 Oysters On A Date and Freaks Out When Guy Runs Out On Tab

After running the calculations by looking up the menu to this place, I calculated this woman had 48 oysters 4xdozen at $15 =$60 and she had the crab cakes that were $30 dollars and 4ish lemon drops which is about another $60, which amounts to around $150 plus a 20% respectfully tip to a $180 date. If I was in this situation, I do not know what I would do. Honestly, I blame the guy for letting her walk all over him like that. How are you not going to try to out-eat her? As a man how can you be emasculated like that? Try to eat at least 7 of each dozen oysters so she knows she can't take advantage of you. Now we have confirmation that this is not fake and there was a man across from her. Also eating oysters in a land-locked city is Russian roulette I would never try. One of those could put you down like Tony Soprano after Indian food. 

After seeing the guy just ordered a glass of wine and seeing the real bill which she only left a 15$ tip I would say my math was pretty good. 

Heinous date but a guy should have stuck around to see if she was about to let him Big-time cash in at the end of all that.