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Hockey Family: Alex Laferriere's Family Went Nuts After He Got In A Fight During His NHL Debut

Alex Laferriere is just a good ol' boy from Chatham, NJ. He spent a few years playing for the Chatham Cougars. Went out to Des Moines to play a few seasons in the USHL. Eventually ended up at a little school in Cambridge to play college hockey. Was a 3rd round draft pick by the Kings in 2020. And after a few years, he finally made his NHL debut last night in the Kings' season opener against Colorado. 

Moments like this are always incredible because this was an entire lifetime of work culminating into a single moment. Not just work from Alex Laferriere, but the time and commitment put in by his parents. I'm sure the time and commitment put in by brothers, and sisters. Friends and extended family who have all been along for the ride since day 1. All of these folks get to go out and see their guy finally achieve his dreams and play in the NHL. It's a special moment for sure. Wholesome to say the least. But the Laferriere crew isn't here for any feel good moments. They want chaos. They want anarchy. And they want to see their boy drop the mitts and get into his first NHL fight during his first NHL game. 

Gets the takedown and his family is right there going bananas. That's a Jersey family if I've ever seen one. The type of family that probably ruled the Ice House in Hackensack for years. A kid who comes from a family like that has a long career ahead of him in the NHL.