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The Inter vs AC Milan Rivalry Has Gone To A New Level Thanks To The Internet Finding Out About Marialuisa Jacobelli

Another week, another Italian soccer reporter going viral for, well, being a smoke. This time it's Marialuisa Jacobelli, who does a lot of work for Inter Milan. A good rivalry brewing with AC Milan's Giusy Meloni

I've seen the Internet dub Marialuisa the Kim Kardashian of Italian soccer reporters, which frankly might be an insult. Sure they look similar, but Marialuisa deserves to be compared to no one. You don't make your way through Italian TV by being compared to Kim Kardashian. You don't cover Champions League games that way, no you end up doing a role on American Horror Story if you're Kim Kardashian. 

Speaking of famous comparisons, good luck finding a better trio than Marialuisa, Giusy and Diletta Leotta. That's a big three that puts the Heat to shame. The Celtics wouldn't even dare to find a trio like this. Now I do feel bad lumping then together. Giusy and Diletta have had their own blogs and Marialuisa deserves the same. She even says it herself, all she does is upgrade

So everyone play it cool and let's all just say hi to Marialuisa