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Beyonce Attends Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Premiere Like The Amazing Woman She Is


What an excellent move by Beyoncé. In the world where everyone is CONSTANTLY comparing these two women, something that never would’ve happened if loser pig Kanye West didn’t put it in everyone’s head, Beyonce and Taylor consistently choose to rise above it. Not to be sentimental but it’s inspirational to see! There’s more girl power in that 10 second Instagram boomerang than all of internet in 2012. 

I also love how Taylor appreciates it just as much as anyone else would - Beyonce IS an inspiration, and an all around class act. Ms Carter has seen people trying to say the “Renaissance tour was better” and is reminding us that there are TWO women who have made over a billion dollars touring the world this year. She’s comfortable enough to understand and preach that there’s enough room at the top for all of us. 

OKAY LADIES NOW LETS GET IN FORMATION!!! Beyonce on repeat today as a sign of respect.