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Come See Chief Sing "Unwritten" On Stage With Natasha Bedingfield At Weishfest On 11/4 - ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO FAMILIES BATTLING CANCER


If you're from the South Side of Chicago, you know already know all about Weishfest and we'll see you on 11/4. If you're not, but were flew in from outer space and attended Weishfest blindly for the first time, you'd think Chicago is the most utopian, family friendly place on this hell hole planet. It's truly an incredible event for everybody and the cause it means a ton to me personally. 

Here's all you need to know, and I promise you, Weishfest is my favorite night of the winter: 

100% of tickets, food, merchandise sales, silent auction sales and more benefit Weish4Ever which gifts if to families with adolescents and young adults battling that brutal disease

And it's inexpensive. $150 for ALL YOU CAN DRINK - that's 5+ hours of music and drinking for not a lot of money at ALL and the money you DO spend goes directly to charity. WIN/WIN!!! 

Here are the details:  

WHO: The Andrew Weishar Foundation, a ton of Barstool people, a couple thousand friends, and YOU
WHAT: An all you can drink charity concert ft. the lineup below: 

WHEN: November 4th, 2023
WHERE: The Salt Shed in River West
WHY: This is the most IMPORTANT part of this exercise - to raise as much money as POSSIBLE to donate DIRECTLY to families with young adults battling cancer

Here's a video of a beneficiary Patrick Rogers accepting a nice fat check to do WHATEVER he wants with, via The Andrew Weishar Foundation: 

Oh and like I said, we're gonna get Chief shithammered and have him sing Unwritten on stage with Natasha Bedingfield, who's his favorite artist of all time: 


Should be hilarious watching that clown mumble and fumble the words!!!

So like I said - save the date. Incredible fun, incredible cause, and the entire Weishar family are some of the greatest people you'll ever meet. Anyone who's met them will attest to that.