Reports Say Tom Brady is No Longer in Business with Alex Guerrero as TB12 Fitness Has Been 'Losing Tons of Money'

Kevin Mazur. Getty Images.

I can honestly say - and I have said, without fear of contradiction - that I've spent more time in my life thinking, talking, and writing about the interpersonal dynamic between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick than any of my own relationships. My marriage of 30 years. The ones between me and my kids. My brothers and sisters. Friends I've kept since first grade. How these two grown men have felt about one another has been less my obsession than it has been the world's. So I've had to respond to the overwhelming response every time their emotional attachment was called into question. But to me, as long as they were winning together, I never much cared whether or not they were snugging on the sofa watching Hallmark holiday movies. 

Second to those two, the relationship that has sucked up the most oxygen has been the one between Brady and Alex Guerrero. Because this one ended up forming a love triangle, pitting Belichick against Brady's massage therapist turned business partner turned Fitness Shaman. 

The concern was always that weird, pseudo-science sway that Guerrero had over Brady would end up breaking up the greatest collaboration the sports world had witnessed since Red Auerbach and Bill Russell. And eventually, that turned out to be the case. Soon, The Pliability War broke out. 

We can argue about who fired the first shot. Depending on whose side you were on, it was  when Guerrero reportedly began helping himself to full access to the Patriots facilities like he owned the place. He was taking on Brady's teammates as clients, and sometimes giving them medical advice that directly contradicted what the training staff - which is made up of actual medical professionals and has a budget of $2 million per year - was telling them.  

Others will point to Belichick's overreaction, allegedly banning Guerrero from the Patriots entire operation, save for the quarterback's room, and ending his Air Kraft One privileges for road games, thus offending Brady. And it supposedly escalated when Belichick openly mocked the treatment Rob Gronkowski was getting at TB12 in front of the team at practice. 

Regardless, The Pliability War was waged. Not since the 1890s, when future King Edward of England ridiculed his nephew Kaiser Wilhelm's choice of shoes at the royal yacht club, thus creating the bad feelings that would result in World War I, has one interpersonal beef resulted in so much bloodshed. 

And now it appears that the company the war was fought over no longer even exists. As reported by my old WEEI radio partner:

Though contradicted by my one-time podcast guest:

But seemingly confirmed by the NY Post:

Attempting to click on a store locator on the page provides a “page not found” landing with the caption: “Sorry, this page does not exist.”

The same page is posted for links to pages regarding in-center membership and a page designed to provide details about the services.

WEEI in Boston confirmed Arnold’s report, stating that Brady and Guerrero will split as business partners since, per a source, the “business side of TB12 was not working in Brady’s favor, and he sold off most of his share of the company close to a year ago.”

“TB12 was losing tons of money,” the source told WEEI.

Though worry not, loyal customers. According to this Patriots reporter, you will soon have a place where you can go for $40 boxes of plant-based Tumeric Cashew Honey protein bars and $150 TB12 Vibrating Pliability Spheres that look the floating droid that Obi Wan first used to teach Luke how to wield a lightsaber.


And so it is that TB12 Fitness is the final collateral damage, even after The Pliability War has ended. It's interesting how this could happen. The brand is not only linked to the most popular athlete in the history of sports in this area, it also had the greatest campaign in the history of advertisement, which is Brady's own athletic performance all the way to age 45. It's amazing that it could be hemorrhaging money. But I guess the market for VitalFit Tart Cherry supplements dried up when he made the Irish Exit on St. Paddy's, 2020. 

So good luck to Guerrero as he tries to branch out on his own. And I only mean that rhetorically. I actually don't wish him any luck at all, given that he will always be remembered by Massholes as the Buzz Lightyear to our Sheriff Woody. The one who showed up in his stupid little cardboard fitness center and took away everything that was important to me. I mean, us. 

As is the case with virtually every war, nobody won this one.