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Will Smith And Jada Pickett Smith Have Been Separated Since 2016

Image Press Agency. Shutterstock Images.

SOURCE - Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed that she and husband Will Smith have been living separate lives since 2016.

The actress makes the revelation in her new memoir, Worthy, and discussed the status of her relationship, noting that the pair aren’t technically divorced and aren’t planning to take that legal step, in a clip from an interview with Hoda Kotbthat aired on Wednesday’s Today show.

However, as Pinkett Smith confirmed to Kotb, the separation was essentially a “divorce” as she and Smith are no longer romantically together.

I usually wouldn't be blogging about a celebrity divorce (or non-divorce) but this one made me do a double take. I also got separated from my first wife in 2016. We got married in 2012 and eventually wanted different things and live in different places. Unlike Will and Jada, we got divorced in 2016. 

I can't imagine having this broken relationship hanging over my head this long. Luckily, me and my ex didn't have kids so I know that makes it tough to ever truly be divorced. It's not like Will and Jada will not be in each other's lives. But that's got to be tough getting all dressed up for these premieres and award shows and pretending to be in love with this person and then doing that for SEVEN YEARS.

Lionel Hahn. Getty Images.

This does make the bizarre Oscar slap of Chris Rock even more strange. Did he get that upset as some sort of overcompensation? Was it just that exhausting living this separate life and having to show up at countless award shows and events with this person who doesn't really want to be around you that much?

I just don't see this as a healthy way to go through life. They are rich, powerful and beautiful celebrities. I am clearly not. But since I got divorced way back in 2016, I was very sad, got over it and then got remarried. I'm so much happier now. The worst part of the divorce for me was when I was separated. It can be really tough living in limbo. It helps so much being able to move on.  

All of this makes me feel pretty bad for Will Smith. It couldn't have been easy to have to deal with that the Slapgate stuff but so much worse going home to an empty house and defending someone who isn't that thrilled to be married to you. Then again, all of this proves that we don't know anything. We all thought they were in some weird marriage where they sleep with other people but beat up anyone who makes a bald joke about them.


So many times, we find out we don't even really know our neighbors or even friends and family. Humans are weird and unpredictable creatures. To pretend we know why a celebrity does something assumes we know or understand these people. We think we know or at least understand them because they are on television screens in our home. It's important to recognize the differences between us. Like, I am guessing Will Smith isn't living in his friend's basement apartment like I did when I was separated.