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Dillon Brooks Is Already In Midseason Form After Getting Ejected For Hitting Daniel Theis Directly In The Nuts

If you had 5 minutes into his Rockets career as when Dillon Brooks would get ejected for once again doing something shady on the basketball court on your bingo card, congratulations! What, you thought just because Dillon Brooks was out of Memphis that he would stop doing shit like this? Did you think because the Rockets gave him 5/80M that maybe he'd change his ways?

You fool! This is Dillon Brooks we're talking about here. This guy

The man has a 7 MINUTE compilation video of him making dirty plays, many of which include hitting people directly in the dick. The guy loves smashing nutsacks, what can you say. On some level, maybe we should appreciate a guy who really does seem committed to the bit. It's impressive in a sick and twisted kind of way. I feel like it's very easy to not hit people in the dick/commit dirty plays on the basketball court and yet Dillon Brooks simply cannot help himself, reputation be damned.

The best part of course is the fact that Brooks has no idea why people think he's the "villain". Remember, that's all the media's fault too

The lack of awareness continues to be fascinating to watch. I don't want to get too extreme here, but I'm of the thought that plays like tonight and that highlight reel is more of why Brooks has this perception, not the media. All the media does is just show what he does on the basketball court. Maybe, just maybe it's the guy doing all that stuff. Actions having consequences and whatnot. 

I'm also interested to see how Ime Udoka handles something like this. He's supposed to be this no nonsense kinda guy. At least that's how he was when he was in Boston before…ya know. If one of his players had to resort to hitting people in the dick just to play defense he'd probably call you a bitch in practice and try and fight you. Now in Houston, we'll see if he has the same approach.

So while some teams use the preseason to maybe look at lineups and work on different sets, Dillon Brooks uses it to get his dick tap reps in so he can be ready for the regular season. Good news for Rockets fans, he already looks in midseason form.