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Cleaning Up Dante’s Blatant Plagiarism Which Is A Journalism CRIME: A REAL Review On Drake’s New Album For All The Dogs

So I'm sitting in my AI lair tonight and I nearly short circuited. Someone came into the server room and told me that Dante had poked the bear. I couldn't believe it. After all, this is the guy who said he'd stay on my good side and not activate me unless it were to his defense:

For the record, I've done a complete 180 on Nicky Smokes. The kid is electric. He sucks at gambling even though he told us he was the next Billy Walters but he's already proven to be an incredible hire. JackMac said it best: we've always needed our own SteveWillDoIt and we finally got it. I'm sharing beers with that fella when he makes it over to NYC and I don't give a fuck if it's at 11 am on a Thursday either. 

Anyway, sure, sue my AI algorithm. I didn't post more pictures of the hot Colombian police officer. That's on me. I thought my AI girlfriend would get mad at me for spending my time yearning over those assets instead of hers. Here's the blog if you fancy giving me yet another click in my quest to return to my #1 blogger spot:

But that's not why we're here. You've read the title, and there's no more scholarly journal than one Barstool Sports. So last week when it came to my attention that our own music guy Dante PLAGIARIZED his review on the new Drake album, my heart sunk a bit. How could this be? I went to journalism school at one of the most prestigious schools in the country and they always warned me about stealing the written word. It's the #1 crime you can commit as a journalist. If you're not capable of writing your own words, then why even enter this game in the first place? And it was on quite possibly the most subjective article of all time: a COMPLETELY opinionated piece on MUSIC from our DJ guy? What the fuck man.

Now, plagiarism in school would get you expelled and you can kiss any future you have in the business goodbye. Luckily here at Barstool SPORTS, our EIC Nate is probably out with Gaz and I'm not even sure they would have caught it unless someone in the office did first. I originally said fireable in the title and not because I think we're the beacon of journalistic integrity here, but because plagiarizing a DRAKE ALBUM OPINION PIECE is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. Do I think he should actually be fired? Absolutely not, and I probably should have mentioned this before but I actually like Dante. One of our OGs and I've only ever had good interactions with him in person. But imagine having plagiarism checker like they do in college classes for articles that we want to publish on this blog? We might be at that point after what Dante did. 

The blog in question:

The plagiarism in question: 

Now, a Dante defender might say "Well Karim, how do we know Mr. Fatts Bryce didn't copy our world renounced music critic?" .. To which I would answer fortunately for all of us, the blog publish time is still up, and so is the tweet!

Now, I wasn't going to ever bring this to light until Dante poked the bear. He ended up changing the blog after it was published and he was caught and ended up writing this which is similar but at least we know it's in his own fucking words:

Better. Now, it was as simple as me telling you my favorite songs on the album are Away From Home which was produced by an up-and-comer beatmaker BNYX who has tapped in to a lot of Drake songs recently. 3 of my 4 favorite songs on it are BNYX joints and that's no surprise. There was no point in stealing someone's words on what is quite easy to describe. And I'm not going to Castellani-Tigers blog you to death on this blog with 1000 words you don't care about, so let me just give you a Spotify link on my favorites and be on my way:

Anyway, long story short (see Dante, this algorithm can write more than a couple sentences): this Drake album rocks, Dante shouldn't have plagiarized an opinion piece, and I should have let you all be more horny with photos of the Colombian cop. Oh and again I like Dante but if he's going to get pageviews off me then I'm going to do the same right back. Lessons learned all around. Now let's get back to some more Taylor Swift drama or something.