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If This Video of a Man Breaking The World Record For Heaviest Pumpkin Doesn't Get You Fired Up Then You Don't Have a Pulse

2,749 pounds! That's at 1.37 tons of pumpkin. To put that in perspective, that's as much as 9 Lizzo's. 

I can't begin to comprehend the amount of blood, sweat and tears that must have gone into growing a pumpkin of such amazing size. Years, upon years, of slaving over pumpkin after pumpkin until you've finally grown one with the potential to be great. But even once you have your star pumpkin, the work's not done there. Far from it. The work has only begun. Just because your pumpkin has the tools, doesn't mean she (pumpkins are women) will live up to her full potential. An athlete born with the god given ability to be the best of all time doesn't just roll out of bed and set the all-time home run record. It takes hard-work, dedication, a lifetime of strenuous training, and the best steroids money can buy. The same goes with pumpkins. It takes the perfect combination of water, sunlight, soil, plant drugs, and a little bit of luck, if you want your big pumpkin to reach the mountaintop.

Travis Grienger sacrificed everything to grow his prized pumpkin. Evening dinners with his family? No time, he's in the field with his pumpkin. Attending his daughter's softball games? What is softball? All he knows is pumpkins. His son's college fund? Brother... do you know how much money it costs to transport that pumpkin from Minnesota to California? His son never had a college fund in the first place. His money has been tied up in pumpkins since before he was born. 

But in the end it was all worth it, because Travis Grienger will forever be a legend. The name Travis Grienger will ring out across the world of competitive pumpkining until the end of time. 2,749 pounds. 9 Lizzo's. Congratulations to Travis. Enjoy this moment. You deserve it.