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People Are Saying That Jordan Love Is Worse Than Justin Fields. I Think They're Right

For the first time in my life I wouldn't trade the Packers QB1 for the Bears QB1 straight up. When you're 1-4 you have to look for little victories everywhere and the Packers not having a certified Hall of Fame caliber QB is more of a welcomed change than that crisp fall air we got this week. 

The NFC North is a complete mess outside of the Lions. Which is a weird sentence to write to begin with. Somehow with a start to the season that was beyond out wildest nightmares, the Bears may be in a better spot than the Packers and the Vikings. We will find out about the latter this week. The Bears schedule coming up is an opportunity. 

Home vs Minnesota

Home vs Raiders

Away vs Chargers

Away vs Saints

Home vs Carolina

That Denver game really stings because sitting 2-3 with those 5 games coming up would be A TON better than 1-4. Either way, for the first time the door is cracked for some positivity since Taylor Swift humiliated the Bears in Kansas City. Just keep playing and building and getting better and worry about everything else after the season. At least we know that the Packers are also in a tough spot.