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The Nightmare is Over! I Have Defeated The Lone Star Tick Alpha Gal Syndrome And Can Eat Red Meat Again

I know it's pretty damn lame to complain about things on the internet, but I want to bring awareness to the Lonestar tick and how it can seriously threaten your life or just inconvenience it. I know there are way bigger problems, even just from ticks but this sucked ass. 

Here is what I wrote when I found out I got it:

Yeah, so I like millions of Americans have recently just been getting destroyed by a fucking new age Tick bite. 

As many as 450,000 Americans may be living with alpha-gal syndrome, a meat allergy that has been linked to tick bites, with many of those people going undiagnosed, according to two new studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.In one of the new studies, both of which were published on Thursday, scientists reviewed the laboratory results of people who had been tested for the telltale antibodies, identifying 110,000 suspected cases since 2010.But that figure is probably a significant underestimate. In the second study, researchers found that 78 percent of health care providers who were surveyed had little or no knowledge of the condition, and many clinicians who had heard of the syndrome were not sure how to diagnose it.“Our 110,000 suspected cases of alpha-gal syndrome represent those that found the health care provider that did properly send off for the antibody test,” said Dr. Johanna Salzer, a disease ecologist and veterinarian at the C.D.C. and an author of both studies.

I have alpha-gal syndrome. There are much bigger problems in life and people with major debilitating issues but 

Exercise and alcohol seem to be the most important co-factors for alpha-gal reactions.

So not only do I have to watch my meat consumption, but I have to watch when I exercise and booze. Eating meat, exercising and boozing are the only 3 things I like. Like that's the only thing I post about. This could get me fired because I don’t really do any other decent content. Mountains are blue, arm farm Fridays, let the meat talk. This is all the things that keep me alive. I might just keep doing all these things till my face explodes and it kills me because there's no other goddamn way to live life. And guess what I know it's because the World Economic Forum wants to stop me from being a red-blooded American male. 

So instead of being a little bitch and saying "Hey random tick that just got prevalent after the WEF talked about it to reduce red meat consumption, I am going to let you dictate my diet" I decided to look for alternative medicine to try to fix the problem. Apparently, acupuncture had a way to fix it. 

I always thought acupuncture was like a fake medicine to con housewives and liberals but I was willing to try anything to get red meat back. The thing was I was so in denial about the whole thing I was still trying to eat red meat, but just breaking out in hives or face swelling when I did it. So I went to the acupuncturist and they told me I actually had to stop and get a needle in my ear. 

So after weeks of having the needle in my ear and eating other things with Alpha-Gal sugar in them like Dairy and Bacon, I have finally been cleared to eat red meat. 24 hours + later after eating those steaks and I had 0 reactions. It is absolutely liberating to be able to eat red meat again. In the past I have been guilty of under-seasoning my steak but never again will I take it so much for granted. 

It is nuts that modern medicine told me there was no cure but some eastern medicine that has been around 1000s of years had the solution to a very new novel problem. What else can acupuncture do to heal? I am now thinking of taking every random problem I have to the acupuncturist and seeing if they can solve it. Hey I got 2 torn labrums can you fix them with your tiny needles? Hey, I got really bad ADHD any way you can make me focus on task for longer than 5 mins?

So if you have this same Alpha-Gal syndrome, hit up an acupuncturist. The Main stream media new york times wont tell you the solution, they will just make you fear the tick. Billy at Barstool Sports will give you the solutions to these problems, not just fear monger. Fuck the lone star tick pussy ass parasite got beat by a tiny needle.