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Potty Mouth Spencer Strider Ought To Be Suspended For The Remainder Of The NLDS

Spencer Strider may have been acting like a petulant little child last night, but he certainly wasn't thinking about the kids. 

Just imagine how many 1st grade teachers in the Atlanta area are going to have to deal with a classroom full of 7-year-olds screaming "F**k YOU" to them today, all because Spencer Strider told them it was okay. Professional athletes are supposed to be role models. They're supposed to set an example for the youth of America for someone to look up and aspire to. Children are the future. And then you have absolute heathens like Spencer Strider who are out here attempting to corrupt the youth of America, and turn them all into foul mouth rabble rousers. It's sickening, yet not shocking coming from such a whiny little taint like Strider. But will the MLB do anything about it?

Not likely. 

The MLB will do everything in its power to shield the "golden boys" of the league. They'll do whatever they can to prevent the Braves from getting their cocks kicked in by the Phillies again for the 2nd year in a row in the NLDS. Even if they have to throw a juiced ball out there to Austin Riley and allow him to magically hit a one-handed 2 run homerun. 

Either the ball is juiced or Austin Riley is. But back to the main point here--the kids. You have to think about the kids. And if Spencer Strider is going to be cussing up a storm with all the cameras on him after a literal perfect called strike, then the league needs to step in and do something about it. 

Now I'd say the league should suspend him for the rest of the series, but I actually think that would let Spencer Strider get off too easy. I'm sure this man would do anything in his power to not have to pitch in Philly this week. He's terrified of the fans and simply can't handle the noise. So if anything, the league should force Spencer Strider to have to pitch in both games 3 and 4. Just toss him in there and watch as he shatters both mentally and emotionally. 

Phils in 4. Take it to the Bank.