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Where Does Gwyneth Paltrow Keep Her Academy Award? At Home, So She Can Use It As A Doorstop

I don't think there's a weirder celebrity in Hollywood than Gwyneth Paltrow. Okay, maybe Tom Cruise. But at least Tom Cruise is insanity is more…okay, it's Tom Cruise, but in terms of female celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow takes the cake. She is very controversial. I know she has that Goop network that people hate. I really don't give a shit if Gwyneth Paltrow sells candles that smell like her vagina. I don't think about these things. But I like a lot of her movies. 

I do find actor's reactions to winning major awards so bizarre. There are some that you can tell genuinely don't give a shit about the pageantry and nonsense of the Academy Awards; then others feel as though their entire life's work is validated. It's pretty well documented that Will Smith had been trying to win an Academy Award for years. The man did anything he could to win an Academy Award, including assaulting a comedian.

As unrelatable as many people find Gwyneth Paltrow to be, I find using your Academy Award as a doorstop pretty amusing. If you don't care after the award, what's the purpose? This is definitely not the weirdest thing that she's done. 

This interview was one of those 73 questions videos you've probably seen on your YouTube feed occasionally. I don't know if she was being completely sarcastic, but Paltrow has been open about the fact that winning an Academy Award didn't exactly put her in the best place. I will leave out some of the details as to why, but there was a certain monster responsible for producing the movie she ended up winning an Oscar for. If you won't incinerate that shit, at least put it to good use. Doorstops are key. Doorstops are definitely key.