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Sneaker Resellers Finally Stumped By Travis Scott Golf Shoe, As Store Makes Buyers PROVE They Golf First

Rick Kern. Getty Images.

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With the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "Olive Black" set to drop this week, the collective sneaker world has been desperately seeking how to get their hands on the silhouette, but it seems one UK-based retailer is adamant on ensuring the golfing community gets the first pick.

Somewhat reminiscent of when 808 Skate Shop in Hawaii announced that in order to purchase a pair of Yuto's Nike SB Dunks, you must first perform a kickflip, Trendy Golf is requiring potential buyers to be able to drive 200 yards or more to be able to enter a raffle for the sneaker.

Upon arrival, you will be checked against the guest list and will receive a numbered wristband (1–72). When it's your turn, you will have two attempts to drive 200 yards on the simulator (150 yards for the ladies.)

Once upon a time, back when I was a boy, sneaker releases kept me up at night. How do I "cop" this "drop?" Will my "plug" come through? These were a few of the gritty colloquialisms I picked up to blend in with the well-heeled members of the sneakerhead community. 

I soon learned of the bloodthirsty resellers who make their living manipulating raffles or enlisting bots for online releases; who horde hundreds of pairs of coveted sneakers to turn a profit on the secondary market. Whereas I wanted shoes for their original purpose–to be worn on a pair of feet and marveled at by those who knew—it was hard to compete with these enterprising shoe flippers. They knew the system better than your pedestrian sneaker collector, and they would stop at nothing to make a buck off a Chuck. 

So color me thrilled at Trendy Golf's inventive gatekeeping. To keep the resellers out and the true gentleman golfer/Travis Scott fans (Ragers) in, they're asking raffle winners to hit a drive 200 yards on a golf simulator. That's no joke! 200 yards? You better hit it square. And you only get two changes. I'd call it fair but there may very well be a few honest golf fans whose swings depart them on raffle day. Two duck hooks later, they're walking out shoeless. 

Best of luck to ye fortunate few who find your number called. Bring your own driver.