An Eagles Fan Snuck Past SoFi Stadium Security, And Into The Eagles Locker Room Post Game So He Could Interview A.J. Brown

What happens when Philadelphia invades Los Angeles for an Eagles game? 

This happens.

This is simultaneously the most LA thing of all time and the most Philly thing of all time.

LA because, of course, of all stadiums in the NFL, the one with the softest security is going to be LA. 

The Rams? What's that? Football? What's that?

Every person in Los Angeles is too in love with themself to consider the fact there are people out there whose greatest achievement in life would be sneaking into their favorite teams locker room after a big win to hang out and talk to the players.

They're called Philadelphians and the team is the Eagles.

Speaking of which, I cannot wait until A.J. Brown talks with the media again on Tuesday and they ask him how he sniffed out this guy's real identity and how he knew he wasn't a real reporter and he responds that the guy had on a kelly green Eagles #69 jersey on.

Sam Hodde. Getty Images.