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A Compilation Of Angel Hernandez's Worst Calls Of 2023 Has Been Released At It's Every Bit As Shocking As You'd Expect

Angel Hernandez will not be umpiring in the postseason. We're safe from him. But that doesn't mean we weren't all victims of his inability to miss obvious calls behind home plate. If one thing in sports bothers me, it's when fans pull the whole "I could do better" claim. No, you could not. I know you may have been upset that your quarterback missed a few reeds, but I can guarantee you that you couldn't play quarterback at the NFL level just because you may have played Division III high school football. I bring this up only because Angel Hernandez is the exception. You could take an intelligent baseball fan who watches a fair amount of the sport, put them behind home plate, and they would do at least as good of, if not a better, job than Angel Hernandez.

Several years back, when Aroldis Chapman was throwing 104 MPS with ease, there was something on Baseball Savant called the Chapman filter, which allowed users to check out the fastest pitches in baseball without including him on the list. The same should be applied to Angel Hernandez when discussing umpires' effectiveness. He lowers the average intelligence curve of umpires by a significant amount. 

There are terrible umpires in Major League Baseball. I'm not going to sit here and act like I don't groan every time C.B. Bucknor is behind the plate for my tigers, but Angel Hernandez is a different breed. And what's weird is he keeps resurrecting his career. They just can't get rid of the guy. He returns like a villain at the end of a horror movie.

The question keeping me up at night is whether other umpires love Angel Hernandez. There shouldn't be anyone that will defend him, but they all look good in comparison. Every profession needs a ringer. When it comes to umpires, Angel Hernandez is the greatest ringer that has ever rung.