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Eagles Take Care Of Rams As Philly Fans Take Over LA To Stay Unbeaten At 5-0

Eagles win? Again? All while not playing close to what their capable of doing for all 60 minutes? And they also held the ball for essentially the entire 4th quarter thru the run game for seemingly the 9372th straight week? Ho hum. 5-0 feels great and this is a great team (who conveniently covered today, btw).  

It wasn't without some difficulty. The Rams are spunky and are a borderline playoff team if Stafford stays healthy. Jalen Hurts had an UGLY under-thrown RedZone INT reminiscent of his pre-MVP struggles. Morrow somehow whiffed on INT and fumble recoveries left and right. Plus stuff like this is lingering and isn't too concerning, yet, but it will be.

Still, the Eagles haven't put together a full game and are 5-0. Hurts played his most complete game yet. AJ Brown is ALWAYS Swoll (6 rec for 127 yards). Jalen Carter is playing in his 5th NFL game and is already kind of unstoppable. Old Philly heads are giving him Jerome Brown credit already. Easily the #1 non-QB to come out of this draft as of now. 

Dallas Goedart had 88 yards receiving with 0 TD's in his first 4 games. Little different today going over the century mark with a Tuddy. 

The Brotherly Shove continues to be the most dominant play your Grandpappy has seen in football since the "V" formation controlled every pee-wee championship force for generations. 

And s/o to Hassan Reddick for closing it down with back to back sack lunches. 

5-0. Jets up next. Go Birds and Phils.