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'He Don't Know Football' - Xavier McKinney Is Truly Embracing The Giants Shit Show By Trying To Start A Fight With Jonathan Vilma

Ah yes, here it is finally. The last checkmark of a true shit show of a team the Giants are this year. I mean we already have the stat that is so bad it seems fake. 

We already have a starter turning on the fans

We already have our defense turning on our offense

We already have a ton of injuries and what's better than a shitty offensive line? The backup line!

We already have the losses.

We already have fans dreaming of Caleb Williams

We already have our starting quarterback injured.

We already have a defense that can't tackle.

And now we have our starting defensive back calling out Jonathan Vilma for not knowing coverage. Good! Great! Grand! Let's just turn this whole season into the biggest shit show. Maybe that'll get Mara to wake up. Maybe that'll get some actual coaches on staff to help with the dogshit offensive line or special teams or whatever else. 

Here's the play that McKinney is so upset about

I don't know man. I'd personally not get caught up underneath and let Tyreek Hill blow by a rookie. That's just me though. That's actually the majority of folks, but not Xavier McKinney. he doesn't want to hear it's his fault. What's the point of that? Taking blame for actions? Not here pal! 

You know what? Maybe I will give credit to Xavier McKinney. The Giants fucking suck but at least he's willing to embrace the shit show. This is how you tank. You turn on each other. You turn on fans and have everyone come together united to hate what we're watching. Impressive to somehow blame everyone but yourself.