Baylor Football's Student Dance Team Is Nothing Short Of An Electric Factory

Who knew Tommy Smokes volunteered his spare time to help the good folks over at Baylor tear up the dance floor? I mean you see those moves? I understand we use these two words way too much on this site, but that was an electric factory. Rhythm. Swag. Charisma. Moxie. All of it. If your girl is going to a party tonight you best hope the Baylor student dance team is nowhere in sight. 

Oh you thought the video was done after twenty seconds? Here's this other group of people who just gained functionality of their body for the first time in their 20 years on Earth. 

Can't be having that as Texas Tech is blowing the doors off of you at home. Just can't have it. 

I guess that "choreographed" routine sums up the state of Baylor's program currently. Not great. 

P.S. I did do a bit of research and these people are just college kids who are bad dancers, nothing more, nothing less.