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Drew Dober Displays SCARY Power Against Ricky Glenn

Drew Dober is one of the toughest savages in the entire UFC lightweight division, and tonight, he got back on track with a really nice first round TKO against Ricky Glenn. 

Dober was a massive favorite coming into this fight, but it was still nice to see him do what he does best (and set a new record for knockouts in the division's history) after he got knocked out by Matt Frevola in his last bout....

It was the first time he'd ever been TKO'd in his UFC career, and of course, that presented questions about where his chin would be in his next fight. Luckily, though, it wasn't even really tested much tonight!

Ricky Glenn could barely touch Dober as he was just hit over and over again in the first round, and the most success he had was an egregious illegal glove grab that just paused the beatdown for a second while Dober complained. Basically, it went exactly as everyone thought it would go.

This hasn't necessarily been the MOST entertaining card in the world, but Nate Maness knocked out a dude dressed a Marge Simpson earlier, so that's worth something....

….and while I got ya here, check out this Leigh Wood KO, because it's better than both of the UFC finishes in this blog….

Hopefully we'll get a couple sweet finishes in the next few fights.