There he is! There he fucking is! Tiger fucking Woods hitting a golf ball. It's so beautiful. You just knew a video of him swinging was coming soon. Riggs even mentioned it on the podcast last week that he could feel a Tiger swing video coming. When you've been following a guy like Tiger for as long as we have you start to develop a spidey sense. Well lo and behold there's the video. No it's not a full balls to the wall driver swing or anything but it's a goddamn swing nonetheless. He looks good, too. That is a sweet sweet sweet sweet tempo. God bless. That video is a teaser. Something to just let everybody know that he's out there doing it. He wants to tease us and by god do I feel teased.

By the way, if you don't think that guy is winning again you're insane. Never EVER count him out. Do you really wanna be like one of those pre-2019 Masters morons who had to eat truckloads of crow? Or do you wanna hop over onto this side of history, the correct side, and just acknowledge the fact that he's definitely going to win again? And sure, he's flown off a cliff at a high rate of speed and had multiple surgeries since that time but whatever. We're also talking about the most mentally strong athlete to ever walk God's green earth. He's winning again and that video above is just the start.

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