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Jose Altuve Kicked Off His Postseason With A First Pitch NUKE Against Bailey Ober

Altuve is just inevitable. You know what's funny? Last year, the Astros won the World Series, and Altuve really wasn't a factor at all in the first two rounds. He came alive a little bit in the World Series, but it was far away the weakest October he's had in his illustrious career. Something tells me we won't see a repeat of that in 2023. Justin Verlander got into a bit of trouble in the first inning before the fans could even sit down. Altuve hit an absolute nuke onto the train tracks.

At some point in the near future (Shit, if he keeps this up, it could happen before the end of this postseason), Jose Altuve will end up being the greatest home run hitter in postseason baseball history. He's only five away from tying Manny Ramirez for the most all-time, and he currently sits at second on the all-time list. Playing in the postseason in seven consecutive seasons will do that to you. You're going to get plenty of reps. But Altuve has taken advantage of every opportunity. If he's locked in, the Astros might become the favorite in the American League.