This Photographer At The Wisconsin/Rutgers Game Took An All-Time Shot To The Nuts

Yes, I’m that guy who finds people getting hit in the nuts funny every time. This poor guy, man. In certain instances, you have people that get lit up or hit by stray objects that kind of had it coming. You see footage every so often of somebody running in the middle of a track meet and getting trucked. In this particular instance, this is just bad luck lottery. The dude is out there doing his job. A pass gets thrown away; it one hops and strikes him directly in the testicles. It’s an embarrassing and painful moment for him but a very funny moment for America. You have to make sacrifices for the sake of comedy sometimes. 

It probably won’t help matters that this is the most interesting thing that happened in this football game. Wisconsin took care of business against Rutgers. They’re probably in line to win the consolation prize known as the Big Ten West. He doesn’t seem like there were any serious injuries that we have to be concerned about, but from what I’m hearing, this photographer is questionable for next weekend’s game.