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We Just Experienced The First Drone Delay In College Football History

If this first half quarter is any indication, this Ohio State/Maryland game is going to be the game of the week. We already had an insane one-handed catch to put Maryland in front after their first drive. And now we have what I believe is the first documented case of a drone delay in college football. 

I’m going to be honest; I’m surprised shit like this doesn’t happen more often. You have a whole lot of drones in the world, and you have a whole lot of idiots in the world. I expect something dumb like this to happen, like once a week. The fact that this is the first case I can think of is actually kind of surprising. I do love the referee, having to make the official announcement of “the drone has been removed” as if he had to shoot the thing down himself. I don’t know; maybe this was some automated thing and not something that some guy in his basement was controlling. But it’s definitely a first.