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Hockey Has Never Been More Back After Sidney Crosby Dropped The Gloves In A Preseason Game

One of the best decisions I've ever made for myself over the years was to start appreciating Sidney Crosby. It definitely helps that the Flyers are dog shit and aren't actual rivals with the Penguins anymore. But this is one of the greatest superstars to ever play the game, and we only have so many years left with him on the ice. 

And this moment right here is another prime example of why Sidney Crosby is the ultimate hockey player. I mean, sure, maybe early in his career he was considered a "bitch" or a "pussy" or a "whiny little sack of shit". But at the end of the day, Sidney Crosby is one of the baddest dudes on the ice at any given time. This man is a horse. And he doesn't show it very often, but he can beat your ass out there if you force him to. And taking a shot on Kris Letang during preseason is definitely in the category of forcing Crosby to beat your ass. 

I know the hit itself wasn't anything too egregious. If that were during the regular season nobody probably even bats an eye. But Kris Letang is a core member of the Penguins, he's 36-years-old, he's already missed plenty of games in his career due to injury and other health issues, and he just doesn't need some kid he's never heard of before trucking him in a meaningless game. So in comes noted and feared enforcer Sidney Crosby to beat the young man's ass and teach him a lesson about not being a shithead out there. Hockey is so back.