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Travis Kelce Says Dating Taylor Swift Is Better Than Winning A Superbowl And I Am Officially Now On Board The Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce Relationship

Ok it has taken me a few weeks to come around on the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship.   I’m sorry if I was skeptical.  I’m just protective of Mother.  I didn’t want to see her get hurt.  And from the outside Travis does seem like a cringy, attention seeking fame whore.  A guy who LOVES being in the spotlight and being talked about 24/7.  I was afraid he was using Taylor to boost his own profile not to mention the fact that Taylor doesn’t seem like his typical type girl. 

However at some point you just need to let your fears and skepticism go and let these love birds flourish.  I’m not like those repulsive “perverts” on that "sports podcast"who needs to see a sex tape and degrade women in order to believe a relationship is real.   Instead I’ll choose to believe Travis at his word.  He just said that dating Taylor Swift is better than winning a superbowl.   Even if he's lying it still such an outrageous lie I have to respect it.  There truly is no higher compliment a man can pay a woman.   And for that Travis has won me over.   He’s still the 2nd greatest tight end of all time behind Gronk, but he is 1st in Taylor’s heart and that is good enough for this Swiftie.

UPDATE - It's come to my attention Travis said all the attention he is getting now is better than the attention he got when he wont the Superbowl.   I choose to ignore that valid technicality.