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Bryce James' Week: Go To Homecoming With Diddy's Daughter, Visit Ohio State, and Pick Up His First Major Offer

I'm not falling for it. I fell for it with his old man. I fell for it with his older brother. And I'm NOT falling for it with him. Bryce James is not coming to Ohio State, despite how many times LeBron Sr. tweets about the Buckeyes or lies to the people that he would've chosen OSU had he not skipped college and went straight to the NBA. The fact of the matter is that this family leaves Ohio with every chance they can, so in what world is he going to choose to come here for the brutal winters of Columbus when he could be sitting pretty in Southern California? This kid is a UCLA, USC, or Oregon commit and we all know it. #JamesGang sticks together, and they ain't leaving the West Coast.

But my God would that be cool....

I can just see it now. LeBron James Sr and LeBron James Jr loading up into the family van and heading down 71 South on their off day from playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers (part 3) to watch Bryce Maximus suit up for the Buckeyes. And while that dream does seem far fetched to comprehend at the moment, at least it looks like he did enjoy his time in Columbus on the sidelines of the football game and uh, in the bathrooms?

Kids are so weird these days, man. Dances just like his old man though. But anyways, not a bad week for Bryce. I'm sure there aren't too many bad weeks when you're LeBron James Sr's son, but an Ohio State offer is a great way to cap off a week that started with a Homecoming Date with Diddy's daughter.

Bring the whole squad to Columbus!