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ALERT! RED ALERT! It's Time To Welcome Back Diletta Leotta, Italy's Biggest Star, To TVs Across The Country

I don't mean to blog Italian TV stars back-to-back days, but this is an important announcement. Diletta Leotta is back. See, that's her post from 2 weeks ago confirming the fact. We got ourselves a true battle though. Yes, Diletta has the bigger network and is the bigger name but Giusy Meloni is all over AC Milan. Hard to argue with that, especially with Milan tied on top of the Serie A table: 

I was wondering when Diletta would make her return after becoming a mom, so this is important news. I mean she hasn't lost a step. She hasn't lost any of her soccer skills either: 

I'd like to see you try that in heels! No chance you make it past more than two juggles tops. Either way, we are on the anniversary of MJ's first 'retirement.' It's vital that we remember the stars in their primes. You never know when you're going to lose one to a 'retirement' (wink, wink). You never know when they just go play baseball for no reason whatsoever. I for one say welcome back to Diletta, Italy and truly the world missed you.