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A Restaurant In Cannes Played Michael Jordan's Theme Music And Almost Activated Him Into Unretirement

Pure chills here. I could hear FROOOOOOOOOM NORTH CAROLINA AT GUAAARRDDD like it were some sweet music to my ears. I'm not ruling out him coming back and saving that sorry ass Bulls franchise. Funniest part about this video is you can tell exactly who grew up on MJ and who didn't. Look at this guy unamused:

I know a hater when I see one. I'm team LeBron over MJ and it's not even close, but I'm going nuts if this is playing and His Airness is in my vicinity. You play this at any club and start yelling about selling bottles and dudes are going to whip their credit card out with the speed of sound. That music hit him like a Vietnam flashback. You give him a ball and a hoop there and he's draining it from the parking lot. He'd give anyone 40 in his khakis. And we gotta give some flowers to the DJ and the cameraman here who all equally understood the assignment. 

Off to go watch this video about a hundred more times to get ready for the weekend. LeBron still better though. Play his theme music next!