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Conspiracy Theory: 5-0 Maryland Is Unranked So Ohio State's Win Will Look Unimpressive

Wait, it's damn near mid-October and this Battle of Still Unbeatens is #4 Ohio State vs UNRANKED Maryland? Here we go again.....

So after Ryan Day eviserated that old bag of bones Lou Holtz on national television, I saw two types of responses from the public. One was from the people of the great state of Ohio praising him for showing fire and rage that we all have because the entire country is jealous / out to get us, and the other was from the other 49 states questioning "What does he mean it's always been Ohio Against The World? Who is against Ohio?".

Well folks, here's Exhibit #100000 of little things that people do to conspire against our state and try and keep us down: 5-0 Maryland is unranked. 

Here's a few facts for you all: Maryland is 5-0. They have not played a game within 17 points. They are 2-0 in the Big Ten. They lead the Big Ten in total offense. They beat an ACC school. And they have won 7 straight games dating back to last season. Guys, I'm not sitting here saying they should be a Top 5 team in the country, but they should be ranked. There is simply no disputing that. If this was an undefeated SEC team in October with those qualifications (and led by Tua's little brother), there is a 0.00% chance they wouldn't be ranked. 

Exhibit #100,001: 5-0 Kentucky (#20) and 5-0 Missouri (#21)

One thing those these two schools have in common is they play in the Southeastern Conference, where sometimes losses are even better than wins. And Georgia, who has played absolutely fucking NOBODY, will now get to add 2 ranked wins to their resume. And even if they lose, that's okay! Ranked SEC losses are like gold in the committee's eyes! 

All I'm saying is that the table is already set for Ohio State to either blow out an unranked opponent (no one will care), play close with an unranked opponent (drop them in the rankings), or lose to an unranked opponent (drop them 10 spots). I've seen it time and time and time and time again. And it's about time someone spoke up for the little guys in Columbus.

Here, let's do a little activity called a Resume Check:

Team 1: Purdue, Eastern Washington (IN OVERTIME), Arizona State, Kent State, Nevada (zero ranked, two Power 5)

Team 2: Arkansas St, SMU, Tulsa, Cincinnati, Iowa State (zero ranked, two Power 5)

Team 3: Ball State, Akron, Eastern Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Florida (zero ranked, two Power 5)

Team 4: Towson, Charlotte, Michigan State, Virginia, Indiana (zero ranked, three Power 5)

Team 5: South Dakota, Middle Tennessee, Kansas State, Memphis, Vanderbilt  (zero ranked, two Power 5)

Rank them. Right now. Rank them yourselves and you'll come to the conclusion that none are overly impressive, but 4 is clearly the best (and so obviously not the worst). And it's the only unranked one of the bunch because:

Team 1: #24 Fresno State

Team 2: #12 OKLAHOMA

Team 3: #20 Kentucky

Team 4: Unranked Maryland

Team 5: #21 Missouri 

If you don't see the problem here and cannot connect the dots how this is an orchestrated movement to fuck Ohio State, then I don't know what to tell you. This should be a big game. It is a big game! But no one cares because the rest of the country worked their hardest to keep that little number off the screen all week that says Maryland is ranked, and now Ohio State beating a 5-0 team by three scores won't look as impressive as Georgia beating Kentucky by a field goal.