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Ron Rivera And Jack Del Rio Should Not Be Coaching The Commanders Next Week


I mean this is just INSANE. They let the Bears come into Washington and drop a 40 burger. An absolutely pathetic showing from the Commies defense for the 4th week in a row. This is abysmal:



This is the fucking Bears, dude. Ron Rivera is cooked. Jack Del Rio should have been fired last year, and has only gotten worse. The defense was non-existent tonight. One of the most embarrassing showings we've ever seen.

If Josh Harris wants to prove he's not just another Dan Snyder, JDR has gotta go. Rivera should be fired as well, but it wouldn't shock me if he's not. But there's zero excuse for not firing Del Rio. None. This defense has now given up 33, 37, 34, and 40 in the last 4 weeks. Horrific. 

And poor Sam Howell. Guy is doing it all. He's getting 1.2 seconds in the pocket before running for his life, but still putting up awesome numbers and making unreal throws. 370 and 2 TDs tonight for Sam, you can't ask for much more than that.

Give this team a chance to win- get rid of Jack and Ron ASAP. They do not belong in this league anymore. They've got to go, now.