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Topps Unveiled Their New “Tacofractor” Card That Gives You A Chance To Win FREE TACO BELL FOR LIFE

We’ve always had the Taco Bell promo where they say whoever steals the first base in the World Series wins free tacos for the whole country, but this is free tacos for YOU for life. And when I say “for life” I mean you get a digital gift card for $15,000 to use at Taco Bell. You can do some absolute DAMAGE with $15K of Taco Bell. And honestly, what is more American than baseball cards, the World Series, hot, nasty, speed, and tacos. 

Who knows who the hero will be. Last year it was someone no one thought would do it, Kyle Schwarber. You probably have a good chance to win this if you pull a Ronald Acuna Jr, Freddie Freeman, or Cedric Mullins tacofractor. It really is a great promotion for Taco Bell, it gets people out there buying the cards and hunting for these Tacofractors. 

Now I could be wrong but I read that there were about 1,000 of them made? I am pretty sure each player only has 5 cards out there, so each one is X/5. I don’t believe it’s limited to one winner? I think if you all pull a Cedric Tacofractor and redeem it, you and the other 4 who pulled the card get the $15K worth of tacos.  

Topps Chrome is already a great product, but now the chance to win these tacos brings it up a level. I will say, $15K worth of tacos wouldn’t come close to a lifetime supply for me. I go 6 crunchy tacos with no cheese, at least 18 fire sauce, a 12 count of the Cinnabon delights, and a crunchy beef burrito. That runs me about $15 and I can put that down a few times a week. I know, I’m gross and disgusting but it’s all in a days work. I have a feeling the people who are deeeeeep into this hobby eat Taco Bell way more than your normal person so they are gonna put a hurting on this $15,000 gift card.

Happy hunting to everyone out there in the hobby, there are already a few of these Tacofractors floating out there on eBay is your do want your shot at winning the tacos. Give them a look! Looking forward to seeing the winners who have their Cedric Mullins cards! Enjoy the tacos!