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If Giusy Meloni Wants All Of Us To Cheer For AC Milan, We Have No Choice But To Declare Them America's Club

Quick soccer blog, I promise it's worth it. For those that don't support a team plenty of questions are asked about how you pick a team. How do you care about something you have no ties to? It's not like we live in London and pick Arsenal. For me it was simple. I became a Tottenham fan back in college when my buddy had the soccer package as a diehard Arsenal fan. I simply wanted to piss him off and sure it helped that Tottenham had Clint Dempsey once upon a time or some awesome players like Bale and Modric. For others it could be the color, just finding a team that's on TV a lot, whatever it might be. Fandom comes in many forms. 

Well AC Milan is quickly trying to become America's team. They brought in Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah and unlike the Dallas Cowboys, they actually win. In fact they won Serie A just two seasons ago and Champions League back in 2007. Cowboys can't say that, America's Team. If Pulisic and Musah aren't enough, they have been rumored to bring in Reyna too. 

Sorry Fulham, but AC Milan is quickly becoming our club team to watch our guys. Now, as I said fandom comes in many ways. That's when I was scrolling Instagram and popped up Giusy Meloni 

Ah, yes. How could I forget about her? I followed her after blogging about her previously, you know, content, content, content. I personally think we should find a way to have her help out with some American sports. I don't need Mad Dog yelling in my face. I don't need the Stephen A. vs Skip debates. I need Giusy Meloni to help out the USMNT. I mean Pulisic is off to a great start at Milan, maybe it helps the USA. I don't know, just spitballing here. 

So welcome to America's Team. A club located in Milan, Italy.