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Will Barstool Be Using Zuckerberg's New Photorealistic Metaverse Avatars In A Few Years?

When Zuckerberg first revealed what metaverse avatars would look like, he was laughed at, and rightfully so. Most people hate themselves or the world enough to want to live inside a Wii sports game

However, Lex Friedman just dropped a podcast with Zuck where they talked in the Metaverse using new photorealistic avatars and I have to say, I'm impressed (even if both of those guys have given me the creeps at somepoint). 

Now let me just say I'm not rooting for more human interaction to go virtual. I haven't been hoarding virtual real estate so I'm prepared when society moves into the Metaverse. But these photorealistic avatars would sure have some practical applications in Barstool's line of work, especially podcasts. Everyone agrees in person interviews are better than ones where the guest has to Zoom in. And while in person would still be preferable to these metaverse avatars, they're a huge step up from video conferencing. I'm sure there will eventually even be a way for Jeff D Lowe to design a Metaverse Dozen set so even regular season matches feel more like the in-office playoff games. 

And who knows what the timeline is on this but we got Zuck even talking about using mixed reality where people physically in a room could be interacting with other people only there digitally as avatars or holograms?!

Upset that Rone and Sas didn't move to Chicago with The Yak? No problem, they're back on the show in holographic form! And I'm sure Macrodosians would take a holograph Arian Foster over a Zoom Arian Foster (Billy would def be too paranoid about giving Zuckerberg digital rights to his face to ever agree to his hologram being made). Also, what if Portnoy spends too much time at his new Nantucket estate and can't leave Florida for the rest of the year without forfeiting his tax breaks? Holo-Dave to the rescue!  

But really who knows. None of this may come to fruition and the world may be better off if it doesn't. Definitely something to ponder tho!