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Phillies Fan Gets Bet $1,000 To Rush The Field And It's SHOCKING How Quickly He Hops The Rail

That was...impressive? For what seems to be a pretty big, possibly life altering decision, that was possibly most impulse move to ever be filmed. I mean, the handshake wasn't even shook before the emphatic "Fuck It" was let loose and the kid was literally off running. These things can't be contractually binding. I bet he didn't even get the money...

Doggone right. You know much $1,000 is to a kid that age? Midas Whale been a zillion. I don't care that trespassing the field automatically results in a minimum $5,000 fine and lifetime ban* from Citizen's Bank Park, that $1K and the stories for the boys will last a lifetime. 

Just thank God the The Fightins still won. Not for our sake, but for is. Imagine being the (soon to be) dead dickless douchecanoe who instantly killed all Phillies momentum and they end up blowing a 6+ run lead at home in the playoffs? Yeah. Not good. And don't say that wouldn't happen cause the same thing basically occurred just a few weeks ago. 

It was fun, but enough. No more field rushing. Can't take any chances. Not against the Braves. Go Phils. 

*Still don't know how they'd enforce a "Lifetime Ban" to a normal, non-famous, average looking person at a stadium that huge. We were threatened for with a life sentence from CBP for sneaking in to sing the national anthem and there was ZERO shot that ban would hold. Maybe.