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Baker Mayfield Took His Offensive Line To The Bahamas, Was Seen At Dive Bars With His Receivers, And Is Basically The Coolest Human Alive

I am a guy who has seen Baker as the guy, knows his talent for the past two years, and stuck with him during the bad. Which is why it is fucking cool as shit to see that he is getting back some that he deserves. The internet is the worst because one thing that be written about someone and a whole narrative can be made that is completely false. 

Baker Mayfield is an awesome guy and people are just remembering that now because he's winning football games again. Taking your offensive line to the Bahamas and chilling at bars with your receivers is great and you know they are going with Baker because they like him. Meanwhile Marshawn Lynch is talking about not even having Russell Wilson's number.

Meanwhile Baker wants to make sure everyone is on the same page. The Bucs aren't 3-1 by mistake.

It's also really cool to hear that Baker was the one that targeted the Buccaneers. They weren't even looking at him but he knew that he could make a difference there and didn't mind that it would be a quarterback competition despite being a former number 1 pick. That's a winner and I feel like I write about this guy like he is my best friend, but people are such losers and hate for no reason.