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A Cleveland Guardian Fan Went To All 162 Games While Having Cerebral Palsy

This is something I've always dreamed of doing one season. Going to all 162 games seems like an incredible challenge. It would be so hard having to navigate all the potential travel issues. But, oh the places you'd go! It would be awesome seeing so much of the country. I'm sure dealing with bad weather/rainouts would be a pain in the ass but I think the overall journey would be so rewarding.

This Peter Knab guy already earned my respect by pulling this off. Then I found out he has cerebral palsy!

SOURCE - Knab was born with cerebral palsy. His decision to take on this 162-game challenge was done to inspire others.

“I wanted to do something that was difficult for anyone and do it in a chair. Rather than just doing something difficult for me,” he said. Knab will be the first to tell you, going to 81 games at Progressive Field has become easy for him. What’s not easy is trying to figure out how to get to 81 road games.

“The biggest concern was making sure my chair didn’t get damaged in the bottom of the plane, because that happens a lot. So that was my biggest concern,” he said.

Holy shit! Traveling around and dealing with airports (especially if it's a rush) is a pain in the ass without a wheelchair. This guy took a difficult task and put the game mode on expert.

During this journey, his original wheelchair motor broke (while he was NYC for a Mets game against the Guardians. Poor Peter got his own taste of Mets magic this season). Then weeks late, the whole fucking chair broke in Chicago. Luckily he had a backup wheelchair.

Here's a video of him earlier in the season.

To start 2022, I had a goal to see a different movie in the movie theater every single day for the entire year. I got COVID 102 days in and had to bow out. The whole movie idea stemmed from me wanting to do what Knab did. I've always wanted to do this. My ultimate dream is to do it the first year of a new expansion team. My favorite thing in the world is going to different MLB parks. This would truly be the ultimate adventure.

The games you can travel to by car or train would be fairly easy but I'd be nervous as Hell about flying anywhere. What if your flight gets delayed? A long rain delay could also have you miss a flight and then what? That seems like a horrible way to break the streak.

My movie project was so much easier than going to all 162 MLB games a team may play. My travel never got too bad. I admire Peter Knab so much. He says he wants to hit 100 games next year. Hopefully he makes his way to New York City again. I'd love to meet him.