Being Called Darth Vader And Luke Skywalker While Reportedly Refusing To Acknowledge Each Other - Shams vs Woj Is A Sports Rivalry Unlike Any Other

I hate how much I love this. Listen, is there truly a need for Woj or Shams or these breaking news reporters? Of course not. For those of us who are olds, we remember just waiting for a bottom line to pop up and tell us the breaking news. Maybe if you missed it, you waited until the next show for it to be reported again. We didn't get breaking news on Twitter or anything like that. And man if you found out first, what a rush it was to tell someone else. 

But hearing there's a Woj vs Shams rivalry to the point of them not acknowledging each other in public is hilarious. Of course I go to both guys for breaking news. It's the world we live in these days. I can't say I truly understand the Luke vs Darth comparison, maybe more CM Punk vs Young Bucks. Yeah, that works for me. I know what that means. My nerd comes out in wrestling not Star Wars. 

The feud has been documented for years, including by our own breaking news correspondent, Clem

They need to come together like CT and Bananas in their later Challenge years. Shit, even Bananas and Wes worked together. If they can work together imagine if these two team up for breaking news. No trade is safe. No draft pick is safe, even if it ruins draft night for some of us. No coaching rumor is safe. We could see a tag team that rivals FTR (oh shit, another wrestling comparison) as the best in the world. 

If they can't do that lean into the hate. Start making fun of each other publicly even if that's not the 'professional' thing to do. It's the content game, baby. When you beat someone at the scoop, start mocking the other person. I want to see a celebration that makes HBK jealous. 

Reporter wars is how you know it's serious.