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Devonta Freeman Liked A Tweet Saying Kyle Shanahan Threw Super Bowl 51 To Get Jimmy Garoppolo On The 49ers

There you have it, folks. What was once considered an internet conspiracy theory has now been confirmed* by someone who was in the Falcons' locker room during Super Bowl 51.

*all nugs presumed true until proven otherwise

How else would one explain the best offense in the NFL putting up 28 points through the beginning of the third quarter and then not only not scoring for the rest of the game, but calling passes at the end when it was already in field goal range and three more points would have won the Super Bowl? When someone presents a more logical reason for Kyle Shanahan to have done that than making sure Tom Brady stayed in New England so he could get Jimmy Garoppolo on the cheap, I will listen.

This was a psyop. And all to get a quarterback that's mid as fuck. Sickening.

I hope it was worth it, Kyle. Piece of shit.