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Marlins Man Is The Biggest Fraud In Sports After Not Showing Up For The Marlins Playoff Game In Philly

This marks just the 4th time in the 30-year history of the Miami Marlins that they have advanced to the postseason. They made the playoffs in 1997 and 2003, both years winning the World Series. They kinda sorta made the playoffs again in 2020 but that was the Covid year which barely counts. And then this year the Marlins got back into the dance after grabbing the 2nd wild card spot in the NL. Their reward? 

A trip to Philadelphia in the wild card to take on the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park--a stadium which has been referred to as "4 hours of hell" from opposing managers in the postseason. 

You'd think such a die-hard Marlins fan would want to be in the building to help support the team. To do whatever he can to offset the unhinged and deranged Philly fans putting their Marlins through emotional turmoil all night long. I mean it's not every year you get to watch the Marlins play playoff baseball. Heck, fans have only ever actually gotten to see them in there twice before. So obviously Marlins Man would make the trek up to Philly to catch the games, right?

What a fraud. What a coward. The Marlins are in the playoffs and Marlins Man takes off to Milwaukee. This might go down as the most disgraceful move in the history of sports fandom. 

And I get it, to a degree. Marlins Man thought the Marlins would be playing Milwaukee. The plans were already made. But this is the playoffs we're talking about here. This ain't no random game 120 in the middle of August. These games are do or die. You need to make sacrifices in the playoffs. You need to step up and make a few big plays when the team needs you the most. Even if the matchups got switched around, you'd still expect a guy like Marlins Man to make the necessary adjustments and get to Philly for game 2--a game in which the Marlins season could come to an end. 

Looks like he's too afraid of Philly to make that travel change. 

Even Mattress Mack came to Philly, and that dude is like 100 years old. But the thing about Mattress Mack is that he's a gangster. I give that man all the credit in the world. He's nails. Marlins Man is either a bowl of soggy Cheerios, or he just doesn't care about his team. One or the other. 

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.