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Zack Wheeler DOMINATES As The Phillies Take Game 1 Vs. The Marlins

Zack Wheeler: PLAYOFF BOSS MODE ACTIVATED. 6 2/3, 8K, 1ER, 0BB. Absolute dominant, Cy Young Shit. 

Little bit of a shaky start for The Fightins when in the bottom of the 1st Schwarber singles, Trea doubles, and you have 2nd and 3rd with nobody out...and get NOTHING. Nada. Zip. No bueno whatsoever. The Phillies could've went back to their old ways and continue to do zilch with runners in scoring position but thank greatness for Red October, the crowd, and the boys making every AB count. 

In fact, every single starter got a hit tonight. That's how you take Hittin' Season into the playoffs. Uncle Cholly approves. 

S/o to Jose Alvarado, Hoffman, and Kimbrel for doing enough to hold it down. Sometimes, destiny is just on your side…

Nola on the bump tomorrow for the W and potentially his payday. The Bank will be as hot as it was tonight, which was super fire off the sack of the sun boiling hot. Be ready to clinch the series. Red October is in full swing.