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Nick Castellanos Only Has One Thing On His Mind This October

Now at first glance, this looked like Nick Castellanos ended up flipping off the Phillies dugout after roping a double in the bottom of the fourth. And truthfully speaking, that would have fucking ruled so hard. It would have been deserving of a Nick Castellanos statue to be erected at Xfinity Live before the night was over. 

But upon further review, it looks like he just threw the ring finger out there to the boys. 

Now did he want to go with the Philly salute and hit the boys with the middle finger, but new the MLB would fine his dick off? Perhaps. But now it seems more like he's showing the fellas what they're going after this October. The men are starving, and the only thing on the menu is a World Series ring. 

Either way, that's an elite celebration the Phillies are already working with in just game 1 of the wild card. Big balls into "give me my ring" salute. This team is FEELING it.