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NFL Reporters Are Speculating That The Bears Could Fire Matt Eberflus If Chicago Loses On Thursday To Washington

I don't know what to make of this. I don't think Peter King would just throw an opinion like that out there mid-week without hearing from good sources that Eberflus could be fired if things go south again against the Commanders. Mid-season firings are so rare in the NFL, but it's been one disaster after another on and off the field. Starting 0-5 and losing 15 straight overall would be good enough reason to fire the coach even without the added drama around the staff. 

If the Bears do decide to make a mid-season move to fire Eberflus, who do you even get to coach the team the rest of the season? Your defensive coordinator already left and is missing (how the full story hasn't been released yet is crazy) and your offensive coordinator has been just as bad as everyone else on staff. Not even kidding with this idea...do they call Lovie? Have George apologize for firing him after a 10 win season and give him 12 more game checks to stabilize the locker room while you reach out to agents for football guys for next year and beyond. 

If you fire Eberflus for being a disaster do you let the guy who hired him hire the next guy? My gut says you can't. No reason to fire Poles now though. That could wait until the end of the year. I think the overall project in terms of the roster isn't as horrible as we've seen play out over the last four games, but I also can't point to one thing that he has definitely gotten right. The DJ Moore trade is only great if Stroud and/or Bryce Young don't become franchise QBs. If they do and Fields isn't the guy then Poles missed on both his evaluations of the QB and the head coach. You can't survive that. 

I think this sets the record for an all-time low for the Bears. Another reason to tune in on Thursday. Could be the end to something that just begun.