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HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! The Minnesota Twins Have Won A Playoff Game

Damn, we can’t make jokes anymore. Honestly, I’m happy for the Minnesota twins. I’m a Tigers fan, which means I’m an AL Central guy, and I’m a little bit tired of seeing the AL Central get beaten around the postseason. I’ve doubted the Twins, but they are in a perfect spot right now. Pablo Lopez was fantastic today, and they got Sonny Gray going tomorrow with a chance to win the series. This may be the opportunity for Minnesota to win their first playoff series since they made the ALCS in 2002.

We’ve grossly overlooked Royce Lewis. That kid is a stud. Outside of being a grand slam machine this year, he’s provided the Twins with much-needed pop in that lineup. He’s finally healthy. I do not look forward to my Tigers having to face him for the next several years. 

For the first time in, like, 20 years, Minnesota looked like a team ready to compete in the postseason. As I said, Lopez was fantastic. All the people shaming Minnesota because of that Luis Arraez trade are looking kind of foolish right now. And Carlos Correa, who has had his worst offensive season ever, made as athletic a play as you'll see by a shortstop. 

They still have one more game to win, but Klemmer might've been right about this team. Pitching wins in October. If the Twins win one more game, they have some solid momentum going. When you suffer through 19 years of playoff futility, it will be hard for people to buy into any potential success, but they got a huge monkey off their back today. That was a brilliant outing.