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Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce Mr. Pfizer

Thank god Dave owns our company again. If Dave wasn't in charge, I wouldn't have been able to write this blog. I would have had to ignore it like every other juicy topic that I want to write about but I can't because "Kanye West is anti-sematic" or "the Murdoch family is too problematic." or "Wisconsin Volleyball is too...."  yeah whatever you get my point.  

But thankfully Nate gave me the ok to write this. So I now I get write a couple hundred words of nothing about Aaron Rodgers referring to Travis Kelce as Mr. Pfizer in the name of clicks.

Honestly there's not much of a take to have here. The joke isn't especially funny. It's just a complete layup. Travis Kelce put his dumb ass out there by doing a stupid fucking Pfizer vaccine commercial. A commercial he knows he's going to make 50% of the country hate him. So if you're Aaron Rodgers, a noted anti-vax guy, that joke is on a T for you.

I thought Marty Mush was crazy the other day when he presented me with an argument about the Kelce brothers being plants. But all things considered... that's not the craziest idea. Out of no where Amazon does a documentary on Jason Kelce (center). Him and Travis start a podcast. Travis Kelce is dating Taylor Swift. Their mom Donna Kelce is fucking everywhere. They're is in a thousand different commercials. Now he's pushing vaccines. He's the face of football. And again, he just so happens to be dating the biggest super star in the world. Something fish is going on here.