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In The Least Surprising News Of All Time, Nikola Jokic Has No Idea Who The Hell Coach Prime Is

Jamie Schwaberow. Getty Images.

With Media Day kicking off across the league it meant that finally, the Summer Of Jokic had to come to an end. It was a remarkable run by Jokic from April through September, but just like everyone else in the league it was time to get back to work yesterday to which Jokic looked less than thrilled

That's a guy that 1000% wishes he was back in Serbia with his horses. We've all done that exact Monday morning walk at some point in our professional lives walking into the office, where all you are thinking about is how you cannot believe it is already Monday morning. 

While most of what you hear on Media Day is your standard pandering PR answers about how everyone feels great and is in the best shape of their lives, excited to start the season etc, that doesn't mean there aren't hilarious moments. A perfect example would of course be when Jokic was asked about Coach Prime and everything going on at CU. Not only is Prime one of the biggest stories in college basketball/Colorado, he's one of the biggest stories in America right now.

So naturally, Jokic has no fucking idea what is going on

I'm pretty sure if anyone else tried to play this card of not knowing about Coach Prime, it would be a terrible look. But Jokic? Yeah, no shit he has no idea what the hell is going on. This is a man who barely touched a basketball this offseason

and spent the majority of it living his best life in Serbia, so I highly doubt he is paying attention to college football or something happening in the US. We can't even get Jokic to care about his own league and the MVP, so I'm not at all surprised that he'd never heard of Coach Prime despite playing in the state in which CU resides. 

Of course what makes all of this work is the fact that despite not giving a shit about pretty much anything that isn't horse related, Jokic continues to dominate


which will forever be funny to me. We're not talking about some average player who doesn't really make an impact. We're talking about the best player on the planet. I truly think this is why people got so crazy over Jokic during that MVP race. They couldn't accept the fact that this dude was cooking their favorite player/MVP candidate all while not really giving a shit. 

I kind of want to sit Jokic down and run down a list of people and see if he has any idea who they are. How long of a list do you think you have to get through before he not only knows someone but is up to date on what they're doing? Do we think he's caught up to speed on Taylor Swift and the NFL? My guess is he has no idea who any of those people are either. 

In terms of the basketball stuff, as far as I'm concerned the Nuggets are entering the season with house money. They won their chip, Jokic proved how insane and ridiculous the MVP narrative was last season, and as much as AD still wants to cry about the Nuggets talking shit after sweeping the Lakers

it's the Nuggets that reside at the top of the mountain. With the pressure off Jokic in a sense in terms of him being an all time great player still looking for their first ring (sort of like Giannis after his ring) I do wonder how the narrative around him changes this season. He can get back to rightfully winning MVPs again now that he has a ring right? All that talk about his defense being why the Nuggets will never win sort of goes away correct? As someone who loves watching Jokic play, I'm glad that stuff with die down and we can instead focus on appreciating what an insane talent he truly is.