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Bedbugs Are Taking Over Paris And Paris’ Deputy Mayor Warns “No One is Safe.”

I mean this isn't a shocker that Paris is infested with bedbugs. French people are disgusting and don't shower so it checks out. Apparently, the bedbugs have taken over subways, movie theaters, and the airport. So it's only a matter of time before these things get to hotels. Perfect for Paris Fashion Week, which is going on right now! Parisians are also concerned because the Paris Olympics  are less than a year away. Bedbugs are no joke, and they are disgusting and hard to get rid of! I tried to find the mayor's tweet of "no one is safe," but everything is in French so I have no fucking clue what he is saying in any of his tweets.

It is funny to think about all the celebrities going to Paris for Fashion Week and having to dodge getting bedbugs. Except I'm sure they are all flying private and not taking the subways. So the expensive hotels they are staying in are probably fine. I would love to be a bedbug if that means I got the chance to see Andrew Garfield up close. It is very funny to think about celebrities having conversations with each other and being like "any shot you're also extremely itchy right now?" 

If I can sleep in a bed at the Sky View Manor in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and NOT get bedbugs, then I think these celebrities will be just fine. As for the Olympics, they need to get their shit together because there will be such a large influx of tourists coming in.